September 13, 2012

Home Free

It all started with a box of free furniture and doodads from Tatty Soup. 
I decided to do an everything free house. 
Except for my trip to Tatty Soup, I got all the stuff from the marketplace. 
The little house has great detail. It was originally a green house but mod, 
so I made some minor renovations and it was good to go.

Took me a while to find this set for the porch, I searched outdoor furniture, casual, patio etc. 
Great textures and nice sit animations. 
I am smoking a Crunk's cigar btw. It honks because it is honking big and
 also has drool as an homage to the Penguin. 
If you ever see me ask me for one.

I like the colour on this and the oil cloth, 
it evokes bread crumbs and stickiness for me 
and maybe a fly buzzing around.

Here's some of the loot from the Tatty box. 
The life saver ring looks like it just washed up. 
The lamp is a market place find.

This is one of the things I love about SL. 
A  little quirky, creative, well made and free. 
It's beautiful. 
 Dandelions in a test tube.

 It was pretty slim pickens on the marketplace for free beds. 
Lots of old clunkers around but I was trying to keep up my style side
 so I went with this leather sofa. It's so comfy and still has a deep leather smell. 
The lamp and rug are from the one nice free bedroom set
I found but the bed was a bit too big for in here.
I made the foot stool. Ya, I know, I am handy!

Finally I decided to stop talking to my empty chair, even though Clint does it. 
I tried to get my broken robot going so I would have something else to talk to;
it's going to be a while before that happens.
The burlap rug and rattan chair are from Tatty Soup and 
the green chair comes in a million different colours and patterns.

Thus concludes my version of Home Free, hope you enjoyed it.

A big thanks to all the talented and generous designers.

Please keep them in mind when you're spending your Ls.

House: Ashfield Marketplace
Paper lanterns: Giorno Brando Marketplace
Table and Chairs: Dejavu  Marketplace
Wicker Chairs: AL,OL Architecture Marketplace
Lantern: LadyBunny's Lamp Hole Marketplace
Leather Couch: Snatched  Marketplace
Lamp/Rug: Ty-Nee Things Marketplace
Green Chair: Phedra's House Marketplace
Tool Box: Intense Creations  Marketplace
Robot: ???
Burlap Rug/Chair/ Doodads: Tatty Soup A beautiful SIM to visit!

The robot was in my inventory. I can't figure out where he came from. If you know, please give me a shout and I will post the link.

Baseball Shirt: Hell Bop Clothing  Finding FabFree Hunt
Mesh Jeans/Shoes: :..Santo..: The Great Fissure

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