June 15, 2012

The Last Days of the DV8 store

When I read DV8 was closing, it was like someone telling me an icon had died. I couldn't believe it. It had to be a joke. The first lucky chair I ever tried was at DV8. I often go there to scoop up the many freebies. But sadly, it's true. The store closes Sunday the 17th, and then the DV8 in-world store is gone. So grab your girlfriend, cyber goth buddy, or neko pet, and take them to DV8. Right now everything is priced at only 50L (except hair fat packs). Gacha have all been brought back too. While you're there, don't forget to grab the freebies bag, free diadem,  free bracelets for Petites, try your luck at the Mix and Match, and the last DV8 Lucky Board prize for men is +DV8+ Nuada - Blue. DV8 will continue to exist in the marketplace albiet with only with around 30 items. For those you wondering what will happen to the epic Twisted Hunts, The Torch is reporting the Twisted Hunts will continue. And the DV8 Dreadnought Roller Derby team also plans to continue. I wish the best for all people behind DV8. The 50L sale is nice finale for a legend in Secondlife.

(Click to enlarge)
Shoes: DV8 Psycho Kitteh Boots Blood (50L sale)
Shirt: DV8 Psycho Sweater Ash (50L sale)
Pants: Death Row Designs drd apocalypse full outfit (midnight mania)(free)
Skin: Death Row Designs Aeriq vampire gothic SKIN (midnight mania)(free)
Tattoo Eyeliner: Post Mortum Design - Eyeliner 7 (World Goth Day Gacha) (20L)
Tattoo Black Tears: AKA black tears tattoo free gift (free)
Tattoo: Dirtyland Drinking Blood Face Tat (free)
Hair: Ayashi Kaname black (200L)
Gloves: Sakide Ribbon Gloves Black /w Nails (World Goth Day Gacha)(20L)
Necklace: Fusion Horn Cord Necklace (295L)
Necklace: Poison Devastation necklace (free)
Bracelets: LaRosa Bangles Hunter (#48 The Accessories Hunt)(free)

Thank you to the DV8 Deviant group members who came out in force to show thier favorite DV8 gear and salute their beloved store in an impromptu photoshoot. You guys are great! 

(Click to enlarge)  The DV8 Deviants are: (from left to right)

DV8 Almost Violent Jett Safety Orange

Seijin Nightfire
DV8 Cybermancer Ashes

Dena Farspire
DV8 Dreadnought Roller Derby uniform

DV8 Bad Poetry Go Fish Outfit
DV8 Bad Poetry Tank and Corset in Agate
DV8 Boots - Spider Slayer in grey from gacha

Zenzyk Frakture
DV8 Legacy crimson

DV8 Psycho Kitty sweater Ashe (50L sale)
DV8 Psycho Kitty boots Blood (50L sale)

Elizabeth DeClaun
DV8 Terminal Nikita Violet.

DV8 Nuada Blue (lucky board)(free).
DV8 Rivet Kitteh 2.0 White (50L sale)
DV8 Deathrock Candy Bracelets (free)

Morphman DeClaunn
DV8 Cleric Medic

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  1. The Cleric Medic is a previous fishing item, now for sale for 50L$, same with Terminal Nikita Violet.



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