June 12, 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt: Dragon Slayer

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Medieval Fantasy Hunt 5 has six outfits for the men.
The store this outfit is from, MysticHope, also has 2 lucky chairs of excellent male outfits.

On Him:
Outfit: MysticHope Dragon Slayer Purple (#5 Medieval Fantasy Hunt5)(free)
Necklace: Lil Things Black Cross Chain (10L)
Hair: Ayashi Takeshi - white (200L)
Ring: The Jewellery Exchange Sir Gwayne Ring (group gift)(free)

His Buddy:
Avatar: ~*Water Horse*~ Avatars Water Horse black (2500L)
Armor: Niki&Anders Productions (Niky Eyre) ::E.S::. Dragon Slayer Armor Friesian (edited for new texture)

Set: Fabien DeSantis Fabien fine builds The Fabien Castle (L4550L)

Thanks Fulli for your help! Thanks for the location Amelia!

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