June 24, 2012

Male Mesh Clothes Needed!

Attention all Male Mesh Clothing Makers or future aspiring ones. The community needs your help! The user funded project, Deformer, is under beta testing at Linden Labs right now. This technology will allow Mesh based clothing and hair to conform to your avatar shape instead of forcing you to edit your shape to fit into the clothing or wearing alphas to hide your shape. The news being reported by Nalates' Things & Stuff is a shocking lack of male mesh having been submitted for beta testing! Without proper testing, men will be left with a Deformer that doesn't work nearly as well in a variety of clothing situations as it does for the girls. 

Below is a copy of the original request for meshes to beta test:

Mesh Garments needed for testing deformer by Oz Linden 05-08-2012

If you are a clothing designer interested in getting the mesh deformer integrated into all SL viewers, you can help both make it better and get it integrated more quickly:

We need a collection of test garments that we can use to evaluate this feature, and to form the basis of an ongoing regression test of it once it is integrated. These need not be "good looking", and in some cases should not be (so we're not asking you to give away your best commercial work). What we need is deformable mesh garments, based on either the unaltered "new shape" (female), or that shape changed to male; the garments should be designed to explore the limits of the technology as well as to showcase the normal easy cases.

Some examples I can think of (but I expect that you as designers and fashionistas can think of more and better):

  • a full length garment (ball gown, trenchcoat, kaftan)
  • garments designed to be close fitting around problem areas like the shoulders, breasts, and butt (or whatever areas you think are problems)
  • garments designed to stand away from the body in some areas (capes, high collars, flared or puffed sleeves and pants, hoop skirts)
  • very small garments that cover limited areas (gloves, shoes, scarves, shin and thigh pads)
  • garments designed to layer with each other (a close fitting shirt with a jacket to wear over it)
It would probably be useful for these test garments not to be textured for normal use — instead, give them simple high contrast patterns like checks or stripes that make it easy to evaluate how textures are altered by the deformations.

If you'd like to contribute items for this effort, please:
  • Upload them with the current version of the official Project Viewer for the Deformer. You can find a download link on the test build wiki page, and record the full version number of the viewer you used (from the Help > About Second Life floater).
  • Put a copy of the garment (no-modify is fine, but please allow copy and transfer) into a Notecard that describes what the garment is intended to demonstrate or test. Links to images of what you think it should look like would be useful; be sure to include the version number from the viewer in the Notecard.
  • Send the Notecard to Oz Linden
  • Optionally, attach the mesh file to STORM-1716
I'd like to get Contribution Agreements from anyone submitting garments; contact me for details on that if you need them.

I will establish a way anyone can pick up copies of the test garments that we incorporate into the test suite.

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