June 28, 2012

Medieval Fantasy Hunt: Banquet

(click to enlarge)

Banquet guests from left to right:

The warrior woman in green
Oufit: MysticHope Elissas Justice Moss (lucky chair)(free)
Necklace: Chaos, Panic, and Disorder Celtic Blue Pendant (moonlight madness)(free)
Eyes: IKON FASHISM Sunrise Eyes - Dark Red (150L)
Hair: Sadistic Hacker Kirio1 Hair umber (180L)
Skin and Shape: StyLe Store Nanny 1 (group gift)(free) 

The overworked wife in brown
Outfit: For F's Sake Carmen (#61 Medieval Fantasy Hunt)(free)

The pampered pet
Avatar: ~*Water Horse*~ Avatars Water Horse black (2500L)
Horse Armor: Niki&Anders Productions (Niky Eyre) ::E.S::. Dragon Slayer Armor Friesian

The cocky castle lord in red and white
Tattoo: V Tattoo Store Celtic Eye Tattoo Dark (325L)
Outfit: Quality Designs White Knight (995L) 
Cape, gauntlets, sword, AO: Spider Carnot Warrior Armor Grey M (2799L)

The klutzy servant girl in green
Dress: BINA Fantasy Clothier BINA Slutress (496L)
Eyes: edge grafica Diseased eyes dim green (free)

The alchemist in purple
Outfit: MysticHope Wild Berivan Blue (lucky chair)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Takeshi - white (200L)

The prankster in red
Outfit: MysticHope Leave Male Red (lucky chair)(free)
Hair: Wim Creation Epics Hairs Black Coffee (25L)

The mysterious dinner guest in blue
Outfit: MysticHope Steeves Secret Sky (lucky chair)(free)
Tattoo: Dura Sandrift hairbase (free)
Hair:  Alli & Ali Designs Viggo hair petite 10 (#26 Itty Bitty Hunt)(free)
Skin: Shiva SP-005555Skin (group gift)(free)

Props: *YEN* Banquet set (250L)
Location: Fabien DeSantis, Fabien fine builds The Fabien Castle (L4550L)
Thanks for your help, Fulli and Voodoo!

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Thank you for the free plug for the banquet set, I love to see where my creations end up and even more so to know that someone somewhere is enjoying them and using them! Looks like an awful lot of fun you guys had there! Hope the food was yummy and hot! *YEN*



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