July 16, 2012

Sinister Steam

Sure the Sinister Steampunk Hunt 2 started out mildly enough,with a stylish dark suit.

And another stylish dark suit with a stylish chair accent. Nothing too sinister so far.

This interesting chest piece could certainly come in handy for something.

Still not very sinister but certainly chic.

Intriguing time devices and a rugged mesh suit for some punkin'.

Careful with this one, it will take you back a few years too many. Can you speak Neolithic?

Here's where it gets really sinister.
I am wearing a highly detailed steam aqua-mer suit (blue tire not included),
behind me is the Deep Freezer!
Yah that's right, Cap'n Highliner frozen fish sticks to you!
Proceed with extreme caution!

Dark Suit: LNL Square  SSH#3

Dark Suit/Top Hat: A Stitch in Time SSH#51
Chair: GUHL SSH#34

Chest Piece: S&S Clockworks SSH#31

Hat/Clothes/Boots: Rag Dollz SSH#1
Furniture/Decor: Chic Buildings SSH#12

Lunar Time Machine: Nadeau Shoppe SSH#2
Rugged Mesh Suit
Boots:  Ziva's Underground Footwear SSH#30
Pants/Jacket/Belt: Destiny Designs SSH#29

Time Manipulator Device: The Steam Rose SSH#23
Tee Shirt: Wyldflower SSH37

Mer Suit: Affinity Boutique  SSH #20

Deep Freeze: Decadent Courtesan SSH #16

Hints and more slurls on the SSH2 blog.

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