July 20, 2012

July Scenes

What better use for a terrific suit from Gizza than to wear it to visit Maya Paris's 
magnificent artwork at LEA entitled, Celebrity Blow Your Tits Off. 
Maya's critique of celebrity and our consumption of it 
is played out in a series of sleek and sophisticated mise-en-scenes. 
Starting with a pinball game with visually arresting graphics then moving on to 
The Celebrity Game with fabulous prizes. 
You will feel like a star! yes! a very cheesy star!

I got this brilliant necklace at the souvenir shop and then on to the theatre for some entertainment. 
The theatre is a virtual masterwork. The sensual tongue chairs mock and seduce, 
the audio calms and provokes. Scenes from the world's oldest sex tape, The Giants of Cerne, 
are a riotous kinetic jumble racing across the screen. 
Mesmerizing, fun and fantastic!

 Celebrity Game car prize. Wear it, it's manic!

Suit: Gizza  July Group Gift

Celebrity Blow Your Tits Off: Maya Paris  Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA 10)

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