July 4, 2012

New mesh at BuFu ...

If you want some colorfull mesh stop by at BuFu .... the new mesh baggy are very nice and fit great. The textures are giving these pants a very cool look. These outfits are not for free but in the store are always some hunts going on aswell !!

Outfit 1 :
[Bufu] Prod0.7_baggySlim_POWER_FadedWhite
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / B-Boy King

Outfit 2 :
[ BuFu ]Prod0.7_BaggySlim_POWER_DarkBlue
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / Dog & Cat

Outfit 3 :
[ BuFu ]Prod0.7_BaggySlim_POWER_FadedBlack
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / Ecko Unltd

Outfit 4 :
[ BuFu ]Prod0.7_BaggySlim_POWER_Dark
.::[BuFu]::. MESH T-shirt Realistic / Unkut Gray

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