July 20, 2012

Battle of the Hades Archetypes

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When not capturing people to drag to their gloomy underworld, these two similar Hades Heroes sharpen their claws on each other to finally decide who is more epic: L from "Death Note" as a Shinigami, or Ulquiorra from "Bleach" as an ex-Hallow.

This post was inspired by the anime/manga "Bleach" outfits in the SL Freebie Hunter Birthday Bash. Go to SLFH Birthday Bash Hunt for more information, links, and prize pictures. Hunt ends July 31.

Ulquiorra Cifer
Skin:  JOMO Halloween gifts boy skin (free)
Hair:  Ayashi Kin-black (200L)
Horns: INU-YA [INU-YA]horn (free)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v21_HeadShadow01(bk) (free)
Eyes: Fish With A Knife Multifarious Aqua glowing eyes (free)
Claws: [ni.Ju] Blood Tipped Claws (120L)
Wings & Feets: alex3cordoba Blackbart chinchilla white bat (150L)
Outfit: Dark Water Designs Ode to Bleach: Espada Ulquiorra (#1 SLFH Birthday Bash)(free)
Weapons: Vampir Draken Blade of Snow White Katana Dual (60L)
Pose: Sadistic Hacker Katana Poses (group gift)(free)

L Lawliet
Shirt: K!NG Adamo Gothic Shirt (274L)
Hair: LALA Moon Ringo Star Black (past group gift)(free)
Skin: Reila Skins Julian Light 2B HB (999L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v21_HeadShadow01(bk) (free)
Eyes: Tohru's Shop L avatar - Eyes (600L)
Wings: INU-YA [INU-YA] blackwings (300L)
Weapon: SenUmiko Nightmare Sycthe v.2 (10L)
Armband: Pixlights Death note armband (120L)
Bracelet: Pixlights Death note bracelet (95L)
Gloves: Sakide Ribbon Gloves Black /w Nails (World Goth Day Gacha)(20L)
Nails: Mandala !UNISEX [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 2/short (577L)
Belt: L&B Clothing "S'Wear" Death Royale Mens Belt V2.0 (499L)
Cape and jacket bottom: Quality Designs Gadaric cloak black/grey (1195L)
Hood:  Quality Designs Dark Velvet Cloak *black/purple (295L)
Pants: Dark Water Designs Ichigo pants (#1 SLFH Birthday Bash)(free)
Typing override: BraadWorst Barth Death Note voice/typing ao (150L)


Thanks for your help, Fulli!

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