June 3, 2011

Super Hero Hunt!

All of you wannabe secret vigilantes, here's a hunt that will get you started (:


Outfit: Super Hero Hunt #28 22769 ~ Casual Couture


Outfit: Super Hero Hunt #24 *diavolicious*


Outfit: Super Hero Hunt #29 Niekra's Dreams


Necklace: Super Hero Hunt # 9 ~Lantian~ (Adult Sim)

Poses: Super Hero Hunt #63 AAA

Outfit for both: Super Hero Hunt #18 ~Simply~


Outfit: Super Hero Hunt #50 BS & ND Designs


Outfit: Super Hero Hunt #4 Clarity Creations

Belt: Super Hero Hunt #41 Dust Bunnies

Tattoo: Super Hero Hunt #30 Battle Angel

Hats: Super Hero Hunt #5 Mad Hattery

Shirt 1: Super Hero Hunt #38 Herberry

Shirt 2: Super Hero Hunt #12.75 Cupcake Clothing

Shirt 3 + 4: Super Hero Hunt #55 Sonic Death Monkey

Shirt 1: Super Hero Hunt #15 FlufferNutterz

Shirt 2 + 3 + 4: Super Hero Hunt #52 Candy Crunchers

Start Location - You will receive a note card with a list of landmarks and hints upon getting the first hunt item

Look for this!

*Disclaimer: All the stores mentioned above do not claim any rights to the characters from DC Comics and MARVEL. All rights regarding the insignia, costumes, and characters belong to DC Comics and MARVEL. No infringement is intended!

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