June 20, 2011

Father's Day at [BAIT] + another hunt

Hey everyone (: Sorry I've been lazy on the posting, I've had bad net for the past week. But Happy (belated) Father's Day to all you RL and SL fathers out there! [BAIT] has a promotion of 10 free gifts for Father's Day, but Travis Enchanted is planning to remove all the gifts by June 27th. Get them while you can!


Tank: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #2

Pants: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #1

Temptation Tattoo: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #8

Sad Face Tattoo: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #5

Gloves + Black Nails: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #4


Shirt: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #3

Pants: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #9

Lip Tattoo: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #6

Eyes: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #10


Tank: [BAIT] Father's Day Gift #7

Jeans: Style Extrem Group Gift

Remember to look for a can of worms!

And while you're there, check out all the other awesome clothes, accessories, and more at [BAIT]. You can also pick up the shirt pictured above for free!

Shirt: [BAIT] Gift

And lastly, here are some gifts from the Sand & Sun Hunt (:

Shirt + Pants: S&SH#15 b[ELLE]issima!

Sandals: S&SH#21 Duh!

Bucket Mouthie: S&SH#51 Dust Bunnies

--> Hunt Site

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