June 11, 2011

How to Get Out of the Doghouse #1

If you're the kind of guy who does stuff like this, sometimes you have to work a little harder to get back in your girl's good graces.

So I fixed that leak under the sink...

Mowed the grass...

And helped in her garden...

But in the end, it was the simplest thing that won her over.

Shoes: subVersion Driftwood Beach Hi-Tops, part of MenStuff #3 (hint: you need a helmet before you're ready for action)
Shorts: OKEY Designs Laguna Beach, part of MenStuff #30 (hint: go Down Under, then dig... X marks the spot.. use your cam!)
Hair: Rock Candy Kyu Hair in Coffee, Menstuff #104 (hint: skin game.. you can't miss it)
Shirt: CODED Button-Down Multicolored Plaid, MenStuff #124 (hint: Under where? Under square!)
Hat: G&T Creations Cowboy Hat, MenStuff #60 (Hint: play us a song, you're the piano man)
Garden Set with poses: Awesome Blossom Lady Garden, 60L today only for Super Bargain Saturday
Flower pose: Olive Juice Spring Fling, 40L

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