June 24, 2011

Drave's Raves 6-24-11

20.FIVE is a new-to-me store, where all items are 25L, including four men's outfits. They advertise as having script-free clothing, but the attachments are easy to adjust (and no scripts = less lag.)

Moonshine, from the SL Showcase, deserves the honor. A great sim to explore, walk or dance with your partner, ride horses through the woods, and take photographs. Speaking of scripts, check the info board at the landing point to see your avatar's script count, and how it affects sim resources. (My count went from 180 to 11 just by deleting hair resize scripts.)

Outfit: 20.FIVE Leather Jacket (jeans/shirt included)
Hair: DURA Boy 06 (not free)
Location: Moonshine

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