January 12, 2013

New in Delirium Style ...

Delirium style brings out new outfits ... this time its Vino and Gui... and yes omg i look different. Yes i went for a dark look ... if you would ask me where did you get that skin i have to disappoint you ... the creator didn't wanted to be mentioned ... but i can tell you doesn't it look good. And on these new outfits from Delirium style they just look perfect.

Some might think now, omg Boniefacio are u going to stay like this forever?? Well im a model and a model does change, but to answer the question... no im not going to stay like this forever but i will be wearing this skin if designers ask me to. In the world of sl there are not many  "black" models so to speak. And i think we should let the SL world know that there is room for models with darker or different skin colors. My profile picture is also going to be added on my resume page... 

If you want to create this look ... Delirium style got the outfits for you ... go and get them ... the skin ... is a mystery ... (no free items)

Outfit : Delirium style - DS Vino : Sweatpants (comes with : sweatpants - ear plugs, loose shirt)
shoes : Latreia Toca Sneaks Black (in store soon)

Outfit : Delirium Style : DS GUI : mesh hoodie - beanie - chin plug - jeans - neck leash - necklace - nose pluggs - sneaker

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