January 19, 2013

Four Walls of Nature

The Four Walls hunt has lots of home goodies
with awesome texturing and detailing.

I haven't gotten too far on the I Love Nature Hunt 
but once again the threesome at DD, SS and ZUFs  
comes through with this great Pan outfit. 
That creepy shadow is annoying though. 
Following me everywhere.
But I do feel younger.

All  items in the Four Walls hunt are 20L.
Hover over the shop name for the clue on their hunt page.

Mountain Emergency Shelter: The Domineaux  Effect
Immerserse Yoursef : Prism Furniture

I Love Nature Hunt
Clues and SLURLs on the hunt page

Pan Outfit: Destiny Designs, Suki's Silks, Ziva's Underground Footware

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