January 24, 2013

Femboy Hunt Winter 2013, part 5

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If I had to describe this look in one word, my reply would be "Lestat," a lion of a vampire with a taste for the finer things, and who is not afraid to wear feathers, corsets, or impossible spikey things as long as it looks damn good. This just screams "The Brat Prince" to me. lol This is my last post on the Femboy hunt. I have stuffed it full of goodies, but I have not shown all items in the hunt. Please go, explore, and have fun. The outfit above uses the MV limited edition corset with the feathers, gloves, and spiked boots from Demure Designs' mardi gras outfit.

On Him, 
Corset: {MV} Victoria Torso Corset Femboy LE (female)[mesh](Femboy Hunt #29)(2L)
Feathers, boots, gloves: Demure Designs FemFatal mardi gras (female)[mesh](Femboy Hunt #46)(2L)
Shape: Asaria Gin (edited) (male for female base) (Femboy Hunt #11)(2L)
Shirt: Kyoko Couture KC No.53[OjiBlouse]shirt
Crown: +SC+SugarCoat +SC+White Crown
Hair: Wasabi Pills Orion Mesh Hair - Iceberg [mesh]
Cane: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ The Dandy (Silver/Gold)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - tone 01
Chair: Senzafine .:SF:. "The Gloaming" Armchair
Candelabra: Senzafine .:SF:. "The Gloaming" Floor Candelabra

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Going counter-clockwise: Get batty with Kiss Me Goodbye by Kre-ations. HTxDZ Bifrost outfit is a limited edition for the hunt and works on both male and female. On inset image 53, you supply the avatar, Aaralyn supplies a shapely contour.  On image 42, Peippo Frost eyes come in 6 colors. On the last image 28, the beanbag by Jessis Furniture contains couple poses.

On Him, left 55:
Top, jeans: Kre-ations Kiss me Goodbye (unisex)(Femboy Hunt #55)(2L)
Necklace: Monster Kink Beads - Pearl
Hair: Tableau Vivant Loire hair male - for Sway pink
Skin: Tableau Vivant Femboy Hunt 2012 exclusive
Wings: OldVamp's Creations Bat Pony Wings [mesh]
Shoes: Energie Yeah Slips (free)

On Kitty, left 1:
Outfit: .::[HTxDZ]::.  Bifrost Blue LE (unisex) [mesh] (Femboy Hunt #1)(2L)
Hair: Curious Kitties Nyanotech Hair [Type B] - Frasti V3 (free)
Nommy: Urban Feral Mousey

Inset image 53:
Attachment: Aaralyn's Evil Creations Mesh Bulge By Lyn [mesh] (Femboy Hunt #53)(2L)

Inset image 42:
Eyes: Peippo Eyes Frost (Femboy Hunt #42)(2L)
Skin: Dango Freckled (female for female base) (Femboy hunt #40)(2L)

Inset image, top right 28:
Prop: Jessis Furniture Beanie with adult poses (tint added) (Femboy Hunt #28)(2L)

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From Clockwise, Nomiki's Creations Posh outfit comes in male and female has many layers for mixing and matching your look. In the center is a glamourous skin for girls by Wow Skins, a stylish black and white unitard by 1 Hundred, and creepy cool eyeball hairbow by Atypical. On the right, Puppy shows us the cute outfit by Gala Fashion Designs. The inset picture on the bottom shows only a few of the many colors of the animated art plus the fuzzy picture frames.

On Him, left 32:
Outfit: Nomiki's Creations Fantastic Posh Outfit (male and female)(Femboy Hunt #32)(2L)
Eyes: Gauze Sin Eyes - Sloth
Hair: Penumbra Moro White
Make up: Gauze Fire Fox - Artic

On Her, center 47, 52, 54:
Outfit: 1 Hundred Babe Bodysuit (female base)(Femboy Hunt #47)(2L) 
Hairbow: Atypical (-A-) eyeball bow with texture change(Femboy Hunt #52)(2L)
Shape: Asaria Gin with style card (male for female base) (Femboy Hunt #11)(2L)
Skin: WoW Skins PinkSugar wsh 2 (female base) (Femboy Hunt #54)(2L)
Hair: (red)Mint Hair No.00 - white [mesh]

On Puppy, left 41:
Outfit: Gala Fashion Design *TOXIC* Femboy Hunt Edition (unisex)(Femboy Hunt #41)(2L)

Inset image, bottom 34:
Artwork: Sanna-Science and Art Femboy Hunt Gift, Animated art, Fuzzy picture frames (Femboy Hunt #34)(2L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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