August 15, 2012

News Event: Horror Night 2012

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The 5th and final Horror Night is going on now until September 15th. This brillant must-see event is like a "Japanese Haunted House," based on the Obon Festival a time of year when the ancestors are honored, and Hungry Ghosts are lurking near. You begin your journey into the supernatural in upper shop area. There you can buy interesting limited edition event-only items, and get free shaved ice or icky kabobs like rat and caterpillar! Stores in the upper shop area are:
Fine, Dreamin' Bird, Down Down Down, Regicat, AIR, 369, Baiken, GUARAN-DOU, Sakka's Studio, Naminoke, RokumeikaN, Hare, Beppu Sogetsudo, Drop, Dimbula Rose, Lo*momo, Bare Rose.
On Him:
Hair: Little Britain Hells Angel White (300L)
Mask: Sakka's Studio ~Ss~ SHIRO KITSUNE Ver1.1 mask [Mesh] (50L)
Top: Kisetsu Twisted Men's Gift (Twisted Spring 2012 #124) (Edited sleeveless) (free) (no longer available)
Pants: Kisetsu Visual Hunt Men's Gift (Visual Hunt, Year of the Dragon) (past hunt gifts for 25L)
Shoes: Tomoto Yukata geta (Make Him Over Hunt 7 #24) (free) (no longer available)
Cuffs: Blitzed Brutal cuffs black (200L)
Shoulder Pet: Sadistic Hacker *SH* Kuda-gitsune White (180L)
Prop: Poche Ice Lemon Tea, Cool Drink Set (free)

On Her:
Outfit: Kisetsu Visual Hunt Women's Gift (Visual Hunt, Year of the Dragon) (past hunt gifts for 25L)
Skin: Mother Goose Ai (LB) (lucky board)(free)
Hair: Mingo Kimono hair (50L)
Hair accessoires: Kisetsu Junior Maiko Kanzashi Set- Sakura (red tinted) (249L)
Necklace: Bliensen+MaiTai Sakura-Necklace (200L)
Shoes: and stockings: MiuMin Mini Yukata Hana (Black) Geta (Rebel Playground) (free)(no longer available)
Prop: Bitter Vanilla Shaved Ice Lemon (touch hanging banners from counter top to get)(free)

Location: Horror Night 2012 start point

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Once you reach the end of the upper shop area, take a mask. The mask will act as camouflage to trick the ghosts into thinking you are one of them. Have a good adventure! For more information on Horror Night 2012, go to:  Horror Night Special Website

On Mr Hungry Ghost:
Hair: LALA Moon SB Mitsuhide Ash Silver (edited) (250L)
Skin and eyes: Dimbula Rose YU-REI skin (MALE)_HN2012 (111L)
Tattoo: Chus! Elemental White Skin Whitener (free)
Outfit, necklace, and shoes: Bare Rose Yukata Ojika [Mesh](180L)
Special Effect: Dreamin' Bird HTDM-LiPin*LiG (25L Gacha)

On Ms Hungry Ghost:
Outfit: BAIKEN Jorou-gumo Black (99L)
Skin: Chatte Ocello Carmilla Shape+Skin+gifts (free)
Hair: Paper Heart Bride of Frankenstein (edited) (1L)
Eyes: MysticHope Demoneyes Red (lucky chair) (free)
Tattoo: .::Kre-ations::. Ookami soul tattoo (40L)
Make up: Mad Goth lips (20L)
Special effect: Caolila Inglis (coa) japanese Female Ghost set (9L)

Location: Horror Night 2012 start point

UPDATE: There are 3 possible endings: Bad, Normal, and Good. Each ending gives a different prize. And don't miss the two  freebies in the upper shop area: Drop T-shirt for the guys DROP Group Gift Tee, and a swimsuit for the girls from Hare HARE/Swim wear.

Thanks for your help, Fulli and Voodoo!

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