August 10, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts 4

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1: Scars Koiwai Hair Red, Hide of X-Japan shoulder pet, MJ T-shirt, Print T-shirt, Wide neck T-shirt (group gift)(free)
2: Heartsick A // Ritsu ~ 3 // Goatee 2 (BH / Brow) (group gift)(free)
3: Gabriel ::GB::MESH BOAT SHOES (WHITE) G-GIFT (group gift)(free)
5: GizzA July Group Gift [Male] (group gift)(free)
6: Chop Zuey CZ The State of Quicksand Blu Men's Necklace (free, requires group join $350L)
7: Ayashi August groupgift-male, Kin Violet (group gift)(free)
8: Mulholand Blaise Shape, Realistic Male Breathing/Butt Jiggle Physics, Ear Gauges, Bandages (group gift)(Rebel Playground)(free)

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