April 5, 2012

Vero Modero Hunt

Tabby had blogged about Vero Modero's Easter Hunt in the previous post. Here are the male items that I got during the hunt. By the way, click the Easter Hunt Poster near the landing area to get the clues. Happy Hunting! \m/

Car -Vero Modero Group Gift (0L; Free to join)
Shirt - Vero Modero Glad Jacket Blue (Easter Hunt; 0L)
Pants - Vero Modero Bootleg Jeans (Easter Hunt; 0L)

Shirt - Vero Modero Unisex Top Green Helmet (Easter Hunt; 0L)
Pants - Vero Modero Jeans 2 (Easter Hunt; 0L)

Shirt - Vero Modero Rock Shirt Safari (Easter Hunt; 0L)
Pants - Vero Modero NW Jeans Dark Normal (Easter Hunt; 0L)

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