April 5, 2012

Ride Wit Me

Filthy Skins has released another awesome Group Gift. Go visit their store now.
 You might also want to check out Hog and Cart Wheels and look for a hockey puck thing with a green swirl on its middle to get this Easter Motorcycle (Thanks to Foxykins Resident for the heads up about this bike). \m/

Motorcyle - Hogs and Cart Wheels Madness (0L; Look for the puck with some sort of green swirl thing)

On Luc: 
Skin - Filthy Skins April Group Gift Cocoa (0L to members; 199 join fee)
Chest tatoo - Wicked Tatoos Taken (Free)

On Tabby:
Dress - Vogue April Group Gift (0L)
Hair - Truth Kathy (125 L)
Boots - Gos Triumph Boots (398 L)

1 comment:

  1. Hello I am the store manager for Hogs and Cart Wheels and I was blog hopping today when I saw the picture you posted for one of our bikes... THANK YOU its a great picture and I really hope that you enjoyed our bike!



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