April 3, 2012

Sanity Falls

A new hunt from MadPea Productions debuted on April 1st. The sim was a bit crowded when I did this hunt, but it runs until June 1st so you have plenty of time (:

Visit the site @ http://sites.google.com/site/madpeasf/ for detailed instructions. You need to purchase a HUD for 100L$ in order to do the hunt and interactive storyline.

--> Starting Location <--

After you purchase the HUD, you can also get the entire avatar shown here in order to further immerse yourself in the storyline.

This hunt took me most of the day to finish, but it was worth it because the story and hunt were very well made. You get prizes from stores along the way, and also at the end once you have finished the story. All of the prizes along the way were either unisex or had a male and female gift, and only a few final stores gave out female-only gifts.

Pants: Final Gift CHANDELLE
Shirt: Envelope 20 *Just Because*
Belt: Final Gift MadPea
Necklace: Envelope 21 Mustang Trading Post
Mask and Arm Band: Final Gift Hooligan
Black Bracers: Final Gift Whims and Wishes
Backpack: Final Gift ~*Es Stylez*~
Rifle: Final Gift Whimsy
Skin: Envelope 39 Indigo Oddities
Crime Scene: Envelope 7 Julia Collection

Pants: Envelope 11 Shey
Necklace: Final Gift Magia
Blindfold: Final Gift Indigo Oddities
Underwear: Envelope 25 CHANDELLE 
Tattoo: Envelope 32 :::Core:::
Shoes: Envelope 8 Death Row Designs
Skin + Shape + Fangs Tattoo: Final Gift Death Row Designs
Crime Scene RP Skybox: Envelope 44 Creative Decay

Entire Avatar (hair not included): Envelope 24 Kastle Rock Couture
Antlers: Final Gift Warbug
Plane: Envelope 22 Warbug

Shirt + Jeans: Envelope 20 Legal Insanity
Tattoo: Final Gift :::Core:::
Leather Bracers: Final Gift Legal Insanity
Arm Implant: Envelope 3 [param]
Pocket Watch: Envelope 13 Empyreal Dreams
Pipe: Envelope 48 Kitsetsu
Bench: Envelope 1 MadPea

Jacket (mesh) + Pants (also comes with t-shirt): Envelope 42 ~*Es Stylez*~
Skin: Final Gift +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Shape: Final Gift Death Row Designs
Tattoo: Envelope 9 +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Necklaces: Envelope 10 .:CoLLisions:.
Living Room Set: Envelope 6 [noctis]
Desk + Chair: Final Gift (mesh) [noctis]

Outfit: Final Gift *Just Because*
Lounger: Envelope 18 FD Decor
Katana: Final Gift Kitsetsu 

1 comment:

  1. Great prizes, love the way Madpea always ensure menfolk are showered with gifts, even if the men grumble that they have to walk into ladies shops!!! its great that have something to wear and something to play with. The black and white skin is great for Halloween, love it! Oh and Sanity Falls its self is a must for any one. Even if you don't hunt its worth a walk around.



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