October 22, 2011

Tis the Season for ZombiePopcorn

The ZombiePopcorn Hunt runs from October 15th to 31st, and the Season Hunt runs from October 15th to the 29th. Sorry for the late post on them, I've been having some internet problems. Get these while you can!

Vest: Seasons Hunt [pivaaca]
Shirt: Seasons Hunt Alphavillain
Shoes: Seasons Hunt FIR & MNA
Glasses: ZombiePopcorn#22 Concrete Flowers
Eyes: Seasons Hunt Nanuk
Necklace: ZombiePopcorn#23 KOSH
Cap: Seasons Hunt NSD
Plugs: ZombiePopcorn#74 Nox
Piercings: ZombiePopcorn#99 :Hebenon Vial:
Sleeve Tattoo: ZombiePopcorn#6 Reckless
Bed: Seasons Hunt *Art Dummy!

Sweater: Seasons Hunt Sleepy Eddy
Shoes: Seasons Hunt Willow
Eyes: Seasons Hunt Nanuk
Stove: Seasons Hunt Kari
Pose: Seasons Hunt dfo! (set of three poses)

Shirt: ZombiePopcorn#68 :: Caladesi Island Company ::
Leggings: ZombiePopcorn#50 .:villena:.
Hair: ZombiePopcorn#26 KMADD Enterprise
Eyes: ZombiePopcorn#54 .:ellabella:.
Face Tattoo: ZombiePopcorn#56 .:: Delusions ::.
Pose: ZombiePopcorn#19 Magnifique Poses
Mask: ZombiePopcorn#1 ZombiePopcorn (unpack the mask for a Joker face tattoo)

Pants: ZombiePopcorn#95 -----Gawk!-----
Blindfold: ZombiePopcorn#88 Razorblade Jacket
Fangs: ZombiePopcorn#73 Jazumi
Backpack: ZombiePopcorn#20 *Epic*
Tattoo: ZombiePopcorn#12 Para Designs
Poses: Seasons Hunt Olive Juice

Tights: ZombiePopcorn#27 Rezipsa Loc
Shirt: ZombiePopcorn#96 [arnadi] (blogged by Yves previously)
Boots: ZombiePopcorn#48 KHUSH
Cracked tattoo: ZombiePopcorn#98 [AQ's] 
Lip Piercing: ZombiePopcorn#41 [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]
Eyes: ZombiePopcorn#40 n-creation
Tree Branch w/Pose: Seasons Hunt [.nordari.]

Shirt + Pants + Gun + Face tattoo: ZombiePopcorn#65 Indigo Oddities
Eyes: ZombiePopcorn#60 Insufferable Dastard
Belt: ZombiePopcorn#34 Sweet Leonard
Stool + Shelf + Rug: Seasons Hunt *y's house*

Full avatar: ZombiePopcorn#5 Death Row Designs
Bench: Seasons Hunt {vespertine}

ZombiePopcorn Site
Seasons Hunt Site

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