October 9, 2011

Look Of The Night 2011-10-09

Me: "Damn, this doesn't look like Marcy and John's place."

Kassy: "Not my fault! You decided to take that wrong turn half an hour ago."

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Me: "Yuck, I think something just bit me." 

Kassy: "Let's get out of here, this place is giving me a rash."

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

On Him 

Hair: TukinowagumaRage (multiple colours, H9 Prize) Hint: Look down! 

Sweater: sf design - roll neck black (men's monday mania item, 25 L$) Get it tomorrow!!

Pants: From [ AMERICAN BAZAAR ] FTLO #12 American Bazaar  Boo-for-2 Hunt item (UPDATE: This event runs from Oct. 10th till 31st. Sorry for sending you the wrong direction at first, I didn't have the correct information. The hunt items are all hidden on this sim, they look like the big bat where this tp takes you. Click on the big bat to receive a folder with some goodies and a LM to take you from this skybox down to the ground where the actual hunt takes place. Good luck!)

On Her 

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Pax Hair Dark Chocolate/Raspberry (old hunt prize)

Outfit: ::FAC:: Endless Cute Outfit (On The Hunt Prize, look for the Magnifying Glass!)

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