October 11, 2011

Three Hunts

I've put three hunts together in the same post because their themes are pretty similar. Both the D for Deviant hunt and the The Creepy Classics hunt runs from October 1st to 31st. The Nightmare Hunt started earlier, from September 30th to October 15th. Get them while you still can!

Outfit: Creepy Classics #15 Avatar Bizarre
Pose: D. Luxx Poses Casual Set (Pocket) (49 L$ pack of five poses)
Middle Left
Suit + Birds: Creepy Classics #18 Shadow Moon
Pose: D. Luxx Poses Casual Set (Smart!) (49 L$ pack of five poses)
Middle Right
Skin + Outfit: Creepy Classics #26 Morte's Seduction
Bat: The Nightmare Hunt #10 EZ Ezequiel Creations
Pose: D. Luxx Poses The Simple Set (The Simple 4) (49 L$ pack of five poses)
Outfit: Creepy Classics #37 Montagne Noir
Pose: D. Luxx Poses Casual Set (Yeah!) (49 L$ pack of five poses)

Tank: The Nightmare Hunt #6 ::Fe:: Fashion Emergency
Pants: D is for Deviant #20 Alloro
Tattoo: The Nightmare Hunt #3 Letis Tattoo
Coffin: The Nightmare Hunt #13 Catwise

Shirt: The Nightmare Hunt #4 Land of Nodd
Pants: D is for Deviant #20 Alloro
Skin: D is for Deviant #26 Fierce Designs
Shoes: D is for Deviant #27 K2K United Enterprises
Mirror + Table: Creepy Classics #36 Park Place Home Decor

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