January 14, 2011

Job Of The Day 2011-01-14

Selling junk in TheWastelands is a bit like selling air conditioning to the Eskimos. But then I just read, with the arctic warming up one might be much more successful there.

Anyway, the choice for all travellers in SL is the same: If you still want the 8 male skins gifted by JeSyLiLO you have to download the box today from group notices because it will be gone tomorrow.

Plus a hint: Check your SL Library (that is the other big folder in your inventory) for new clothes. We are wearing (parts of) the new male/female Action Outfits on this picture, me obviously mixing it with some other stuff. You'll find it in the clothing folder under initial outfits. Wow, they even have a Bollywood Outfit there, lol!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

On Him:

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* ::HNY*Gift – Skin 8 (join group and download from notices, last day!)

Tattoo: Venom Rahne - {VR} Holisric Haven (MM Prize)

T-Shirt: [ AMERICAN BAZAAR ] - T-shirt pacman (Group Gift)

Leather Cuff, Belt and Thigh Dagger: SL Library

Pants: MayCreations - jeans rebel (not free)

Boots: MayCreations - western boots STAR dark brown L (not free)

On Her:

Tattoo & Outfit (incl. Boots and Dog Tags [not worn]): SL Library

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