January 20, 2011

*Burp*... don't missed this hunt!

As crazy as school can get for me of late, I found time to do this amazing hunt and this awesome sale...

Though most stuffs are predominantly made by designers popular with the ladies... I didn't really give a flying f*** about it... ANYWAYS... lotsa stuffs can be worn by guys too, so lets not be so uptight, they'r really just prims, sculpts and textures...

Hair: 49L Sale for Dudes (not free) [Shag] - Misfit - cashmere : [ Shag ]

Tattoo: Seasons Hunt- PIDIDDLE - Chapped Lips & Cheeks.Nose /Full Face/ NoTeeth: Pididdle

Sunglass: 49L Sale for Dudes (not free) Alphavillain - The Ipcress Sunglasses : Alphavillain

Shirt: Seasons Hunt- Pig - Winter in Marfa: Pig

Pants: Seasons Hunt- Doppelganger Inc. - Frost Jeans : Doppelganger Inc.

Boots: Seasons Hunt - duboo.achoo set Boots: Duboo

Haversack: Seasons Hunt - TOSL *Winter Wayfarer* Backpack: TOSL

Radiator: Seasons Hunt - [kusshon] "best friend" radiator-to-go.: [kusshon]

Seasons Hunt ends in end Jan and 49L Sale for Dudes ends tomorrow on 22nd Jan! So You gotta hurry to do it!


  1. Did the Seasons Hunt as well and love all the goodies! Nice to see some great SL male fashions highlighted on your BLOG. Keep up the good work :)




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