July 11, 2014

Last Week's Highlights

It's not the first time that I'm showcasing a mesh avatar on this blog, but this one comes without the extra-muscled shape and is actually a bit scrawny by SL standards. Still, I enjoyed messing around with the shape (used my own since the one included is no mod), changing about every slider I could to give him a personal touch: Now folks, say hello to Anthony! 

Anthony comes with 4 different skin tones and a large array of alphas to make him wear all kinds of standard mesh clothes, all controlled via one HUD. Since this is the light version for a cheap price, the head comes without the usual features like different eye brow colours, different beard styles or multiple hair bases. I especially miss the hair bases, since a lot of my favourite hairstyles absolutely need one, but fortunately I found 2 or 3 styles in my inventory that go well with Anthony Lite

I'll try to have him wear a prim beard in my next post, since I'm not yet done with the guy, I kinda like him, don't you?

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