June 26, 2013

Under the Sea Expo: Mermaid Pearls Hunt

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Today is the final day of the Under the Sea Expo. If you have not gone to see this beautiful underwater world, or done the fun Mermaid's Pearls Hunt, what are you waiting for? Get ready to get wet, grab your buddies, and go have a great time! For more information, go to: Sand Sea and SecondLife.

Participating stores at the Under the Sea Expo are:
Aquatics, Amaretto Ranch Breedables, Bands of Cypher, Beautiful Freaks, Boudoir, Cerridwen's Cauldron, Curio Obscura, Evie's Closet, Fantasy Flora, Fior Di Perle Skins and Clothes, House of Rain, KittyCats, LunaSea, MeadowWorks, Mer-Chandise Cove, The Muses, MV, NDiver, Oceania Breedables, Tarnished, Two Moon Paradise, Unrepentant, Zohee's Mermaid Designs
On Him, Coral Reef Merman:
Merman tail, fins: LunaSea Expo Hunt Gift [mesh] (Under the Sea Expo)(free)
Ring: House of Rain Bring On the Dancing Horses silver [mesh] (Under the Sea Expo) (300L)
Tattoo chest, face: Evies Closet Under The Sea Expo - Hunt Gift (Under the Sea Expo)(free)
Prop: Two Moon Paradise Abalone Trident (with AO) (Under the Sea Expo) (free)
Shell jewelry, sashes: BareRose Shellwork Merman [mesh] (190L)
Eyes, Tattoo face: By Snow Bioluminescent (25L)
Nails: Mandala Unisex nail palette 2 short (577L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Erik Mesh Hair - Iceberg [mesh] (250L)
AO: Oracul RP-006 Hello Mermaid AO (200L)

The Mermaid Pearls Hunt prizes are awesome. There are many freebies for the men, (including a mesh tail!), underwater scene building items (including low land impact mesh!), and wildly popular Oceania plushie collectables. The Mermaid Pearls Hunt starts HERE. Click the Exclamation point. Below it, you will see a large parchment with a pearl on it. That's the hunt object you are looking for. Each person will take a different route on the hunt. Your route will be told in the local chat. You must do it in the correct order. There are handy signs throughout the sims that give teleport links to the stores. This is a great hunt, fast, and fun with fabulous prizes. Several stores also have freebies out in addition to the hunt prizes.

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