December 2, 2012

Delirum style - 22769 Advent Calender

With Xmas awaiting to arrive, many are looking forward to get the first snow, gluhwein, hot chocolate, markets, ... 22769 is doing some great stuff for there customers. Like every year they put up a huge christmas tree in there store with giftboxes around: The 22769 Advent Calendar is back. On every day in December (and that day only) the parcel with the right number gives out the gift of the day. You can get clothing accessories, furniture, decorative elements, nicknacks all kind of things.
And the new outfit from delirium style is just perfect, you can find several sweaters to choise from. I did pick the sweater girl for this and it was a nice day to visit the winter tent.

Outfit : Delirium Style : DS style - falling - sweater D-Style - Toca sweater Girl (beanie, mesh sweater, military boots, necklace, jeans) - not free
Pose : [Expressive Poses]- JEFFREY 4 (not free)

Decor : 22769 ~ Advent Calendar - 1st - 6th December - find the store here
(02 Dec) Winterframes
(04 Dec) decorative lantern black
(06 Dec) festive winter tent

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