December 23, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts and Freebies 7

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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.... While the girls have been shopping for Christmas all month, maybe even as far back as October, we true sportsmen know when Christmas shopping is SUPPOSED to happen, the night before!  It's more fun that way. Like a game. A race to snatch stuff before time's up. We dont really believe in over-thinking things, just go with a gut instinct, (and whatever is available). Here in SecondLife, we can practice our fine craft without getting stuck in traffic or chased down by perfume snippers in the malls. The goodies are free. We teleport, click, and BOOM! Done. Merry Christmas to all!

*raises a glass of eggnog in salute to the Last Minute Shoppers*

So my fellow Racers, here's a quick guide for your mad yuletide smash-and-grab:

1: Chop Zuey - Advent 13. Group membership required. 350L to join. 4 non-member bonus gifts for guys too. (free)
2: KittycatS - Advent 24. No membership required. (free)
3: Yasum Design - Advent 24. Group membership required (free)
      Note: The Avents above have all days up to Dec 24th available
4: Alli&Alli Joseph Hair Snow, voting gift (free)
5: Tableau Vivant Hybrid Skin (group gift, free) 50L to join, Lowrise sporty pants (free)
6: DOLLCOCO *DC*_Gift_AlbertLapin, Mesh rabbit avatar [mesh](free)
7: Energy Legal Insanity - Energy Club Bad Santa azure, Energie - FootWear Xmas Gift (group gift, free)
8: ROM 2012 Xmas GG, Rudolph nose and antlers (free)
9: Theater Chain Who are you? pose (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(free)

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