May 23, 2012

Look Of The Day 2012-05-23

Don't wait too long to look for your popsicles @ B&T Mesh Studio. Their Ice Cream Hunt runs only till the 28th! Here's your taxi! 

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Tank Top: Popsicle # 07 (male) - Wear & eat to unpack 
Pants: Popsicle # 08 (male) - Wear & eat to unpack 
Shoes: Popsicle # 01 (unisex) - Wear & eat to unpack 

Skin: + 8 designe + X skins (MM Board Prize, shaved and bearded version included, join group before clicking) 
Tattoo On Legs: Public Enemy - Odd Side Legs Tattoo [by - mellic.] (upcoming MOH2 prize, pick up their free “Stop SOPA“-T-Shirt while you are there)

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