May 8, 2012

Fashion Mash-up: Motley Crue vs Tomb Raider

Originally created for the  Fashion and Freebies for Men Photo Contest, the blog owner suggested I should go ahead and post this. My idea for the contest was taking two different things and mixing them together to create something new.

(click to enlarge)

Hair: Little Britain Designs Hells Angel Blonde (350L)
Skin: Prodigal Ale_MHOH6_special_bald / Ale Fair Glam (hunt gift)
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Shinbashi (330L for set)
Tattoo Face: 22769 Casual Couture ~ homme [ant v1] (50L)
Tattoo lips: Micalia Darkrose .:Glamorize:. Rival Black Combo Makeup - Lips (1L)
Tattoo body: Overt OVERT Dirt (100L)
Necklace: Chop Zuey A Mad Monkey Men's Necklace (group gift)
Bracelet: Chop Zuey A Mad Monkey Men's Bracelet (199L)
Bracelet: Joice Dreamscape *JD*BRACELET black/grey (hunt gift)
Tank Top: Mortality :MORTALITY:: GREY CAMO TANK (99L)
Belt: Jessi Windstorm Expedition - Black - Bull Whip and Dagger (149L)
Pants: Hoorenbeek Cargo Pants - Black - Belt with Pockets (480L)
Underwear: Vitamen Ribbed Cotton Boxer_Sumi_01 (370L for set)
Socks: SF Design Menswear black socks (hunt gift)
Boots: Dolome Designs Zane Collection Monk strap boot (hunt gift)
Location: Mayan King's Maze

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