August 1, 2011

Urban Wreckage Hunt

The Urban Wreckage Hunt kicked off today, and lasts for all of the month of August. There are quite a few things in here for the guys, so check it out!

Tank: DUW#42 Nowhere
Pants: DUW#33 Insanya
Sleeve Tattoo: DUW#19 Endless Pain Tattoos
Legs Tattoo: DUW#3 Fallen Doll

Shirt: DUW#26 ::LikeA::
Pants: DUW#25 V&M Inc.
Boots: DUW#49 RatzCatz

Backpack: DUW#39 Hooligan Streetwear
Nose chain: DUW#21 Acide
Ear Piercings: DUW#9 LouLou&Co.

Shirt: DUW#1 Razorblade Jacket
Pants: DUW#25 V&M Inc.
Sunglasses: DUW#27 Beatnik 
Lollipop: DUW#7 Sweet'n'Tart

Shirt: DUW#4 Xplosion
Pants: DUW#23 Trapt
Shoes: DUW#17 Epic
--> Official Hunt Site

Happy Hunting, everyone!

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