August 8, 2011

More Drunk Than You + Verve

There's a new hunt at The Pour House sellers: The More Drunk Than You Hunt. There are thirteen hunt items for you to find! I'm also doing my own pictures again, thanks to Mina ;D

Hoodie: FK!
Pants: Punkd
Ear Plugs: Tramp
Taxi -->  <<The Pour House>>

And also, AtomicBambi, Swansong, and EVOKE merged into the new store VERVE. The VIP group is free to join for now, so take advantage of that while you can! Their group gift is a the Christian Tickle II skin. It's located at the back of the galleria (:

Skin: VERVE Group Gift
*Note: The shape is included, and is fully modifiable. In the pictures show, I have modified it to my liking. It does not look like that when you first get it.

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