April 22, 2011

Night @ The Museum

*Caught In The Act* I couldn't resist, cos this suit is just too cute. Not to mention it costs only 20L!

Shape: Previous Hunt Item - Sophistishapes - EDWARD : Sophistishapes

SAMMV2 - Medium - Bald - Mutton Chops Hard : Egoisme

Set Outfit
(includes mask, stripe socks, 3/4 jeans, stripe tee, accessory belt, knapsack, gloves): Store Sale 20L : Concrete Flowers

Boots: 50L Boot Sale - Trail Boots - Black & White Suede (previously blogged by Yves: Pls don't tell me you missed this!): DECO

Be back soon for more... if you need me to showcase anything, IM or send me a note inworld! :P I am running out of ideas and fun!

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