April 19, 2011

Group Gifts!

Hey everyone (: Here are some group gifts and a few items from hunts.

Sweatshirt:{HAV} VIP Group Gift (Group Fee 250L$)

Hair Base:
White Widow January Group Gift (Group Fee 150L$), blogged about before

Ear Plugs:
{HAV} VIP Group Gift (Group Fee 250L$)

Hair: Black Maria GIZ Blue-Dark (I tinted it grey to make it darker)

Apple Spice PWBAH#39

Endless HTFN#15 (The store is empty, but the hunt gift is still there)

T-Shirt #1:
-funkstar- Group Gift

T-Shirt #2:
(-Atypical-) Gift

T-Shirt #3:
(-Atypical-) Gift

T-Shirt #4: (-Atypical-) Gift

T-Shirt #5: (-Atypical-) Gift

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