September 24, 2010

Sets of Three (part 5)

Here is my shirt look, going barefoot, just to show you my newfound prim feet. They work best with a pants, otherwise you'd have to wear male anklets (an oxymoron?) to cover up the scars on your lower legs.  

Plus: You won't notice if you don't exactly match them with the colour of your skin which is my pet peeve with prim feet/prim toes.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hairstyles: MHOH4 # 60 - **Pocket Mirrors** (#1 of 4)

Prim Feet: MHOH4 # 136 - ~*~Tangled~*~


Shirt: MHOH4 # 111 - Rowanations and DAMnations

Necklace: MHOH4 # 103[AB]MALE

Tattoo: *Genesis Inc* Tribal Sleeve Tattoo (MM Prize)

Pants: MHOH4 # 17 - Leather Bound


Shirt: MHOH4 # 120SLACY's

Necklace: MHOH4 # 94 - Family Jewels

Tattoo: *Genesis Inc* War Paint Tattoo (MM Prize)

Pants: MHOH4 # 121 - Egoisme


Shirt & Pants: MHOH4 # 106HARDWEAR

Necklace: MHOH4 # 91 - n-creation

PS: If it looks like I wet my pants (left and right pictures) the explanation is simple. The pants in the middle comes with a bulge (i.e. crotch attachment) which I unfortunately forgot to take off. Sorry! That's what happens when you click on "wear folder" without getting naked first.

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