September 12, 2010

Fashion Telegram # 012

I was asked by 3 of my sponsors to pass you these informations:

1. Acid & Mala is supporting Truth Hawks, who has started a short campaign from the 4th to the 19th of September 2010 to raise money for UNICEFs current Pakistan Flood Crisis Fund. You can buy two sets of striped tanks (blues & greens) at this location if you'd like to support this effort too. The fat pack contains 4 colours, the price is 100 L$ and 60% will be donated to the fund!

2. Alli & Ali Designs have so many MM Boards all over the grid that it was hard to keep track. Now you just have to visit this location and click the different server boards to get all the info you need in chat: What hair style to find? SLURL to where to find it and current status of the MM board i.e. how many slaps are still needed. If this isn't progress!

3. MIASNOW offers a new fantabulous game/luck/cheepie vendor thingy at her main store.It's called Prizebomb and is loaded with 6 different unisex prizes. It detonates for L$25 and delivers to 7 winners per blast i.e the one who paid and 6 people standing nearby. The detonator always gets a good prize, including activation of the rare and super-rare items. The prizes are KAT Eyes blue, CARNIE Ace Eyes blue, XPRESSIVE Eyes hazel, a yellow low-prim tree, a low-prim rustic picture frame, and the RADIANT Heart tattoo.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Skins: MIASNOW - ADAM Tan fatpack 1-8 +shape/brow (not free)

Eyes: MIASNOW - Prizebomb Unisex Prizes Sept '10 (not free, read above)


Hair: Alli & Ali Designs - A&A Elven Hunter Hair Dark Grey (MM Prize, read above)

Tattoo:  Wicked Tattoos - Leopard Print  (new MM Prize)

Tank Top: Acid & Mala - .:A&M:. Striped Tank - Greens - Male (The Unicef Project, not free, read above)

Watch: 2Real - TokyoFlash

Pants: Havok - {HAV} Love This Life Denim (Subscriber/Join SOM Gift)


Hair: Audacity - Hair Fair 2010 Gifties (Dollarbie)

Outfit (incl. Necklace & Tattoo): Immerschoen Fashion - Groupgift September 2010


Hair: Alli & Ali Designs - A&A Hercules Hair Black Onyx (MM Prize, read above)

T-Shirt: Oompa - friends (Lucky Board Prize)

Pants: :SZD: - Wanted ( Man Outfit, comes with ripped tank) MM Prize

1 comment:

  1. thanks Yves for announcing the PrizeBomb, hope ppl like it!



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