August 6, 2010

What's Your Handicap?

A post about men wearing black suits and white sneakers. Sometimes they feel shell-shocked, sometimes they enjoy a little off-course game.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Cactus (New Release Gift)  (get the other freebies in store!)

Shoes: INDI Designs - O'Leary white (new release, not free, blogged before)

Jacket & Pants (left): L&H Design - LH - Obsidian Outfit  (Closing store give-away. It's a bit difficult to get there but you have 3 more weeks time. Go up to the second floor and you'll run into it!)

Necklace (left): Robbish - :Rob: - August - Dog Tags (group gift, 10 L$ join fee, blogged before)

Suit  (center & right): Kumaki - K_gs StripeSuits SA01 CharcoalGray (new release, not free, comes with open shirt and closed shirt with tie, available in 4 colours)

And then again, sometimes, they exchange their sneakers against boots and simply crack up! LoL!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit (incl. Boots): Super Possessed - Krova Patrol (Lucky Chair Prize)

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