August 8, 2010

The Seasoned Warrior

The war is over, the fighter returns home. He's worn out and needs a rest. The lines and scars on his face tell of the battles lost and won but in his eyes the fire is still burning.

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Puck - Salt & Peppers - Storm (not free)

Skins: Knights InnovationsCardok, 3 different face/body hair versions +shape (shape not shown here, get the complete package as Midnight Mania Prize, the Board stands currently @ 46/120)

Eyes: Ibanez - Sylph Eyes Variety Pack (Midnight Mania Prize)

Sword: MOONSTRUCK - Karamoon Protect Freebie 2.09.18boxed (free on XstreetSL)

Outfit (left): Delirium Style - DS - FreeGift 04/Freak Like Me (Male) (follow the red beacon!)

Outfit (right): Delirium Style - DS - FreeGift 01/Nightrider (Male) (follow the red beacon!)

Shoes: Little Britain Designs - New Rock Black Studded Shoes (not free)

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