June 11, 2010

Go For Goals!

With the G4G Hunt opening today, let me show you my mix & match proposals with some of the first gifts I collected from Pasarella and Juice as well as some freebies from Flavor! Designs.

( => click picture to enlarge !)


Shirt:  Juice - G4G - 22 (GOALIE Soccer Shirt)

Gloves:  old freebie, no longer available

Pants: PASARELLA FOR MEN - G4G -09 (Comes with shirt. Hint:  Freebies are good and so are special sales)


Hair:  Flavor! Designs ~ Virus ~Fat Pack on Black GIFT (Men's Lucky Chair)

Necklace: Flavor! Designs ~ Ritual Pendants ~ Cross (free only till Saturday, so get it at once!!)

T-Shirt: terri.teesNot Amused Tee (not free)

Coat: so what? Sleeveless long coat (black) Lucky Board Prize

Buttons # 1: AIDORU SummerLovingHunt GiftboX (Buttons on Chest)

Buttons # 2: AIDORU Secret Keeper Hunt (Buttons on Pants)

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