June 29, 2010

Casual Elegance

Today I present to you two cool outfits to choose from whether you live in Rio or in Rome. The black shirt/jacket combination is originally a bit too dark for my taste (right picture) so I added a little colour to the tie via edit linked parts, making it also a bit bigger at the same time.

 ( => click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit left: ::Poised:: Midsummer MALE for the MSD Hunt (# 19, get a hint in chat by clicking the hint giver box)

Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Bolg (new release, not free)

Outfit center & right: so what? ++ Gangster's suit (comes with a mask, free on XstreetSL, thanks for the heads up, Anthony!)


  1. Thank you Anthony as well :) those gangster suits look way too cool :) nothing for the hot summer but something to get.
    Waving Yves :) cu around mate and keep up the good job. I´m back to watching world cup ;)

  2. Would be nice to get info on shape and skin on your blog - even if its not free.
    Like this skin on guy center/right - like it a lot, where can i get it?

  3. The shape is my own build, the skin is from LaVie (Mark Full Beard)




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