May 16, 2010

New Hunts in May

Quite a few new hunts have started these past days, here are their blogs:

- Fashion Freaks Hunt (Look for candy!)

- Circus Freaks Hunt (Look for a crazy looking Top Hat!)

- Hideout Hunt (Look for a scroll!)

- Myths And Legends 2 Hunt (Look for a bubble!)

- Fallen Angel Hunt (Look for a dark wing!)

- Dark Katz 2 Hunt

Since SL is supposed to be fun and not work, I decided to take it slow, showing you the best of what comes across my way and trusting my colleagues from the other blogs to cover anything of importance I might miss out on.

Btw: If you are participating in a hunt and wish me to take a closer look at your gift ==> please read my review policy statement in the sidebar and drop your item (= an appropriately labeled folder with the object itself, not just a picture of it) in my inventory! No need to ask for permission first, just make sure the folder contains a note card with all the information I need including a possible hint and the SLURL to your store! Thanks in advance!

( => click picture to enlarge !)


Outfit:  22769 - Fashion Freaks Hunt gift (Hint: Vincent is a very sweet guy!)

Wrist Strap: THOH #025 - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. (Hint: Relax and read a little!)


Hoodie: THOH #032 - Soul Distraction (Hint: Reach out & touch someone… ugh!)

Pants: 22769group gift may 2010

Bracelet: THOH # 020 - Accessories by Eolande (Hint: Why hide?)

And here's some more stuff I wanted to show you:

( => click picture to enlarge !)


Outfit: 22769 - Fallen Angels Hunt gift (Hint: I am in the shadow between green and grey.)


Necklace: THOH # 019 - AIDORU creations (Hint: Only one out of 3 will win!)

T-Shirt: Paddy's - Gift for Circus Freaks Hunt (Hint: It takes a steady hand to take it down.)

Belt: THOH # 027[BedlaM] (Hint: Somewhere over the Rainbow!)

Pants: THOH # 002 - PASARELLA FOR MEN  (Comes with a tank top / Hint: Did someone drop this scroll?)


Outfit: 22769 - Myths And Legends 2 Hunt gift (Hint: I am floating over the enchanted pond with my bubbly friends.)

Staff: Talevin's Designs - Staff of Blood (not free, but check out the current offering on their MM Boards!)


  1. Hi there. The "actual" page for the Myths and Legends hunt is here if you want to update you link :D.

    The home page is a mess with tons of hunts and very confusing. Cheers :D

  2. Thanks Chic,

    and you are right, where is the starting point link on this blog??



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