May 27, 2010

Group Gifts & Stuff

Okay, here's what I want to show you today: some hunt prizes, some group gifts, and some pay items.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Left & Center

Skin: MIASNOW - COSIMO Goth 2 (Lucky Chair Prize, blogged before)

Hair: Bryce Designs - Coals - Vibe - Coals – Flint (not free)

Tattoo (left): SteinFeld - *SF*Augen Tattoo (not free)

Necklace (left): :SZD: HandCuffs Necklace (MM Prize)

Necklace (center): THOH #005 - Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ (Hint: Don't go too far from the door)

Tank Top: Acid & Mala - .:A&M:. Plain Tank - Teal - Group Gift (limited time only!)

Pants & Suspenders: THOH #009DeeTaleZ (Hint: relax a little:) just sit down, put your feet up and watch tv!)

Belt (center): :SZD: Punk Belt ( Boa ) (MM Prize)


Cap: MayCreations leather cap w skull & bones vendor (not free)

Tattoo (left): SteinFeld - *SF*Jap.Tattoo (not free)

Necklace: Talevin's Designs - Necklace of Hypnosis (Lucky Chair Prize)

Tank Top: * Prodigal * group gift May (join Subscribe-O-Matic)

Belt (right): :SZD: Punk Belt ( Black ) (MM Prize)

Pants: Equilibrium (Calca)( Dark ) Group Gift (careful: there's a fee for joining but there'll be more nice gifts to come)

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