November 11, 2019

Fun with BOM & Lots Of Goodies

Bakes On Mesh (BOM), which became available with the new Firestorm Update, makes it easy to wear multiple tattoos like I do in this shot. The drawback with a Signature mesh body is that you can’t use your trusted body skin applier at the same time but have to fall back on a classical style skin which then will also change the way your face looks (if you don't want to wear a different skin on your body and your head)

The reason is simple: Signature doesn’t give you a relay but makes you chose between their new mesh body update 4.8b for regular appliers and their new BOM mesh body version 1.1 which is also included in the package. But then I’m sure there will be lots of new classical style skins out soon!

Catwa on the other hand offers a free relay that lets you combine regular appliers with classical tattoo layers and skins. So even wearing a classical skin you can still use your favourite beard or hairbase applier to enhance it.

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