September 5, 2015

New Mesh Heads From Labyrinth

Labyrinth has released a new series of mesh heads (400 L$ a piece) with fitting head & body skins (1,750 L$ per skin tone) and add-on beard styles (250 L$ each). To apply the beard styles you first need to spend the one-time amount of 99 L$ for the Omega Applier System. 

This way, one body look as shown on the picture adds up to a 2,499 L$ investment. Each additional beard style will cost you a further 250 L$ and SLink Appliers have to be bought separately if you don't own them already. On the plus side you get 4 hair base and eyebrow colours with this mesh head, a choice of guyliner or not and a basic choice between a clean shaven or a (heavily) stubbled chin so that you don't necessarily have to buy a beard and the Omega Applier System.

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