December 8, 2013

[[[[NOISE]]]] & {OG KUSH} at Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Today is the last day to grab this items at Cosmopolitan Sales Room before they change for the next round, so take the tp and buy it before they are gone. Happy Sunday guys.

Left Up : [[[[NOISE]]]] - Avoid Hangovers (Fatpack 6 Colours) (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 45L$)
Right Up : [[[[NOISE]]]] - Schwetty Nuts (Fatpack 4 Colours) (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 45L$)
Left Down : {OG KUSH} - Popular Demand Snakeskin Flag-Gold (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Right Down : {OG KUSH} - Popular Demand Snakeskin Flag-Green (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)

Left : {OG KUSH} - You Know I Got It-Grey (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Right Up : {OG KUSH} - Popular Demand Snakeskin Flag-Yellow (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Right Down : {OG KUSH} - Stay Hungry-Green (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)

All the pants of the pick are Mankey Ferret - Mens Casual Pants in all them patterns, you can see full pant in my last post (NOT FREE)

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