October 3, 2012

News Event: Halloween at RMK Gothic

Nobody throws a party like the talented folks at RMK Gothic. This is a "Must Do." It's not only just a Hunt for awesome prizes, its a Major Event with a lot of fun and games! You'll love it. Grab your partner and buddies and head over to RMK Gothic. You'll have a great time!

You begin your journey in the garden. Touch the storybook at the landing point for the HUD to start a quest to get back something very important to you that was stolen by a naughty spirit. Find the StoryTeller ghosts throughout the sim. Each ghost will send you on a quest. Some are easy, some take practice to get right (like skydiving), and some will have searching all over the sim tiny ghosts or pumpkins. There are 20 quests in all, each one is different. Once you complete a mission, you get a piece of what was stolen from you. 17 prizes are randomly dropped with gifts for girls and guys. And by the last quest, you will have earned a cool skeleton avatar! Dev highly recommends this event with two thumbs up.

Participating stores are:
LIKKA*HOUSE, ***Ambrosia***, NAMINOKE, NONKO ROMANKAN, AD Creations Doll House, nukunuku pocket, Lo*momo, :::Dimbula Rose:::, Down Down Down, :: c.A. :: chocolate atelier, World's End Garden, Wretched Dollies, poche, FROZEN NIGHT, WTG, Bubblez Design, Rotten Toe, +RokumeikaN+,  +Theater Chain+
Dance Master ROKIA Kristan and the RMK Dancers will have a show, followed afterward by dance for couples and single with Visual Kei band music.
Rokkin Horror Show & Dance
DATE: 27th.Oct. 2012
ENGLISH : SLT 22:00~24:00
PLACE: Around RMK Gothic Rose Garden 
(click to enlarge)
On Him:
Outfit: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Prince of Phantom* (vest style)(RMK Halloween 2012 prize) (free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Gatcha The Art Series Bronze (The Arcade)(125L)
Tattoo: ..::AKA:.. black tears tattoo free gift (free)
Nommy: Down Down Down DDD_HWs2_{6}Syringe(blood), Gacha (15L)
Wings, Antenne, Tail: Down Down Down DDD_Halloween Devil set (50L)
Hair: Dura *Dura-Boys&Girls*36 (Strawberry) (tint added) (120L)
Eyes: CL NINE CL9eyes_DrippingRedSample (free)
Pose: Sparrowtree Studios Poses SSP Pumpkins pose (1L)

On Her:
Skin, Eyes: Dimbula Rose Halloween Girl skin_2012 (RMK Halloween 2012 prize) (free)
Outfit: NAMINOKE *N*Witch k-Dress(for RMK HW2012) (RMK Halloween 2012 prize) (free)
Nommy: Down Down Down DDD_HWS_(7)Pumpkin dip, Gacha (15L)
Hair: Dura *Dura-Girl*35(Blonde) (120L)

I will be showing more of these fantastic Halloween theme outfits that can be won during the RMK Halloween Story Tellers Quests soon!

BONUS: Devi's hunt tips:
1) Convert your avatar to the provided ghost one. You will be able to hunt much faster and combat sim lag since this is a hugely popular event and many people are there.
2) Take a friend, or make friends. Some challenges require two people to complete.
3) A wearable translator Hud will help you talk to non-English speaking people at the event.
4) If the sim is full, try coming in a less busy time such as 3pm SL.
5) If you run into trouble because of lag, go ahead and complete all quests. Use the white "POST" box next to the storyteller book at the landing. Be sure to keep your Hud! Event organizers will help you. Also the full skeleton is available on last quest.

For more details on RMK Halloween hereFAQ, and RMK Gothic blog in Japanese, and English.

Good luck! Have fun!
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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