December 20, 2011

Santa's Death Note

I've been having net problems for 2 and a half weeks now, which had worsen last week, so forgive me if I've not been posting as much as I had wanted to. For now, however, here are some of the finds that I managed to dig up in the short while that I've landed on SL.

Secret Passion has a bunch of group gifts in one of it's wall. Included is this red Santa Clause outfit that is also available in black. Also included are some shirts and a pair of sunglasses. All you need to do is just wear their group's tag and you're all set to grab it.

Hair - [LALA MOON]'s Dream (lots of other free stuff present)
Necklace - Anime Hunt's past group gift from Rasetsukoku (LM doesn't seem to work)

If you're a fan of Death Note, then you'd know exactly what the feather, notebook, apple, and cross has in relation to the series.

So that's it for now. I'll be posting more later.

Peace out.

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