March 12, 2011

Ban Nuclear Power Worldwide!

At this moment of calamity our hearts and minds reach out to the Japanese people. We hope and pray with them that the worst will not come to be and that a nuclear meltdown of Fukushima 1 (and possibly even other nuclear power plants) can still be prevented.

There's no protection against natural disasters like an 8.9 earthquake but the terrible consequences should not be exacerbated by human greed and short-sightedness, so let's ban the use of nuclear power worldwide!

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  1. "human greed and short-sightedness" and nuclear-power? How's that?

  2. Okay, obviously you are an uninformed nuclear supporter, so let me give you a few hints:

    - Till now no permanently safe disposal of nuclear waste is possible = short-sightedness!

    - The building of a nuclear plant on a fault line i.e. in an earthquake prone area = criminal negligence!

    - Companies reaping billions of profits with cheap, dirty, highly unsafe nuclear energy instead of investing in more expensive but clean regenerative energies = greed

  3. ok might i just say yves firlan that if them nuclear plants were from the Uk or pretty much any other nation they would of gone through full meltdown by now. you said a 8.9 earthquake cant be help and more importantly cant be predicted the japanese made them building with earthquakes in mind and one of them is 40 years old it has certainly stood the test of time. so not criminal negligence.

    if your gonna complain about highly unsafe nuclear energy to be honest the same can be said about hydroelectric plants, not to mention the burning of millions of tonnes of coal and oil a year that unlike nuclear damages the ozone layer ALWAYS not just when a disaster happens.

    As for the safe disposal of nuclear waste id say short-sightedness isnt the best words for that they have sorted solutions to prevent it coming into contact with society so that again isnt criminal negligence.

    Oh and tbh nuclear is a cleaner fuel then coal and other greenhouse gas producing fossil fuels.

    Im filled with sorrow at the news from Japan and wish a thousand times that it didnt happen and that something can be done. But this is not a fault of nuclear power we do inhabit an incredibly dangerous planet that no one can control.

    And just to pull you up on how they should use more expensive clean regenerative energy. Great if your prepared to pay the massive increase in price for that energy. The only reason governments seek cheap energy producing methods is the fit the high energy demand that we have. You can say we are all at fault for there being nuclear power stations.



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